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        As a gift manufacturer for 10 years  we keep marching forward under collaboration with a subordinate paper product factory newly established.

        Due to accumulated contribution of capital in R & D and state-of-the-art production equipments, we can now produce and supply peerlessly value for money promotion gifts in the industry.

        Thanks to our optimized production process,we can now produce any standard items listed in our catalogue with minimum ordered quantity of 1 piece. We can do it whereas nobody else in the industry has such capability.We can provide our partners with one-stop solutions needed for their promotion  ranging from wrist rings made of silica gel  key rings with different shapes made of various materials to promotion gifts and various kinds of tags with different structures.On all our products we can print customized company logo trademark and information.

       More and more customers are satisfied with the efficient and professional ways we handles enquiries orders and quality of products.The number of our customers scattered in the world has reached over 100.

       It's fairly easy to browse and place orders on our website or via catalogues. The online payment system provides a secure and convenient solution for payment by most credit cards.

      Payment below USD1 000 is to be made online. Any payment above is to be paid via T/T  For our ongoing new products  please visit our website regularly.Your comments and/or advice on concepts of new products in our product lines are warmly welcome.

     Yi Pin Paper Product Co  Ltd  is No  2 branch factory of New Yipin handicrafts Factory.The factory is equipped with the most advanced 1.8 meter seven-ply high speed corrugated board production line,three-color printing slotting machines,two-color bisecting offset machines,automatic filming machines,cutting machines  etc. totally near 50 sets of advanced equipments,auxiliary quality inspecting facilities and an independent inspecting lab.It's dealing in packaging of corrugated board cartons  production of corrugated boards  printing and sale.It can produce types A B C E corrugated and assorted boards,color cartons,color boxes and other nonstandard cartons and boxes to meet customers  different needs for packaging.